Paytm Mini Apps

Integrate using open source technologies like HTML and Java script and reach out to 150 Million monthly active users on Paytm App.

We use your existing mobile website or web appto integrate with Paytm’s Mini App Platform with minimal effort.

mini apps
pre-configured softwares and applications
Target specific set of users

Use Paytm’s intelligent user profile engine to target the right set of users.

pre-configured softwares and applications
Trending Mini Apps

Paytm surfaces relevant Mini App to maximize usage.

pre-configured softwares and applications
Subscription based Payments? No problem.

Automatically collect recurring payments from your users based on the user’s subscription plan

pre-configured softwares and applications
Seamless Login on your Platform

Support easy one step login by pre-filling user details.

pre-configured softwares and applications
Run Attractive Promotional Offers

Partner with Paytm to run attractive cashback offers for your users through our Promo engine.

pre-configured softwares and applications
Keep them Informed & Engaged

Send push notifications through the Paytm App to keep users posted about new products and services as well as order status.

Business Growth Insights

Powerful Dashboard to track Payments

Initiate Refunds

Download reports

View Bank Settlements

What are Mini Apps?

Mini apps are defined as a custom-built mobile website that gives users an app-like experience without having to download them, and can be built using HTML and Javascript technologies.

Mini Apps have all the functionality that you would want in your own app, but with many added advantages like having a messaging (chat) screen, a menu / prices screen, a built-in payment gateway and a management console to manage orders and customers.

Low Cost of Making.

Can be created quickly.

You just need knowledge of HTML and Js.

0 or no maintenance cost.

Flat or no learning curve.