Rapid App Development Company in Mumbai

Case Study


Rapid App Development Company in Mumbai
Client Description

SANY is one of the Top-5 manufacturers of construction equipment globally. They manufacture and supply the widest range of equipment across the world including Hydraulic Excavators, Concrete machinery, Hoisting machinery, Road machinery and Port machinery.


For their machine owners and service engineers, SANY India needed a unified application solution to allow on-the-go tracking of its 6000+ machines across South East Asia.

They needed a platform that provided security, analytics, cloud-based deployment and an audio-visual notification system.


SANY India used DronaHQ's low code app development platform to build an IoT integrated mobile app that allowed remote tracking of assets to the users. The app was built within 8 weeks.

App's 4500 users can track the equipment's present and historical statistics such as location, fuel consumption, gear status, engine rotary speed, work hours and work conditions.

A notification system alerts users immediately of non- routine attention for proactive maintenance and avoidance of future problems.

Use of Map Integration in the app helps in fleet management because of improved tracking, fleet planning, and service maintenance. The location and contact information of various service centers can also be found on the map.

Additional apps in the container include News, New Products and a Helpline app. These will be used by the company to share critical product and new scheme information.

Technical Excellence Achieved:

"The solution from DronaHQ gave Sany a world-class user experience and brought user's equipment closer to them in real- time. This application will also assist them in their marketing strategies. The on-map service center finder Feature is an Industry-First and has been particularly appreciated by the Management Team .This will allow users to locate all SANY service centres with location coordinates on Phone Map."