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Case Study

Quantum CorpHealth

Custom Software Development company in Mumbai
Client Description

Quantum CorpHealth is a place where all of your healthcare needs is catered to. All at one place. Quantum CorpHealth has tie ups with the best of the Diagnostic Centers in the city, and provides you with justifiable heath care packages for you. Quantum CorpHealth provides bespoke preventive health care through a wide range of health check - ups packages and patient care initiative.


Quantum Healthcare offers a wide range of health check-up packages and patient care initiatives. Being a renowned healthcare center with tie-ups with a large number of diagnostic centers, corporate and personal customers, there was a need to keep track of all their activities. So, our goal was to develop an automated and a simplified platform for their Customer Relationship Management.


The goal was to develop a fully automated CRM system which will simplify the everyday tasks of Quantum Healthcare and the corporates they have tied-up with - Booking appointments, maintaining patients/employees database, choosing a diagnostic center, collecting reports, regular follow-ups, etc. This system will later help patients log in to CRM from anywhere and obtain useful information anytime.

Technical Excellence Achieved:
  • The automated CRM system has brought an increase in the productivity level
  • The processes have been simplified and now there is a smooth flow in business and daily tasks.
  • Powerful MIS reporting is now possible as Quantum Healthcare can view detailed information of the patient/employees diagnosis package and diagnosis center.
  • Every piece of information for the Corporates, Diagnostic Centers and the patients was now available in just a click without depending on third parties.
  • With this CRM system, corporations can get a better statistical and characteristic overview of the overall employee health by simply entering the Employees Inquiry Number.
  • This new CRM has made it possible for employees to be informed about their health status & get the required treatment before it becomes fatal.
  • Ambulance services are now registered and managed smoothly for the corporates who need them.
  • Keeping a track on employee health is now possible with the enhanced CRM system.