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Rapid App Development Company in Mumbai
Client Description

Mondelez International is an American multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company. Its brands span five product categories, including Biscuits, Chocolate, Gum and candy, Beverages, and Cheese and grocery.


The company wanted to mobilize its sales representatives. They were, however, facing a challenge while trying to find digital solutions for their requirements. There was a resistance in the minds of the sales representatives to accept digital methods to achieve their goals.

Mondelez needed a solution to increase their engagement towards the company and promote product knowledge development.

The company wanted to drive specific business objectives and communications in a non-traditional way; a robust solution they can easily iterate upon to keep meeting their business needs across various markets.


Mondelez used the DronaHQ platform to launch 'Gamification as a Service'. They built three apps in four weeks: a Photo Contest app, a Sales Contest app and a Quiz app. The platform enabled them to use these services across China, philippines and countries in Latin America without making any major changes.

The Photo Contest App is like the Instagram of Mondeléz. Sales Reps have to click and upload pictures of the concerned SKUs at the retailer stores. The ones that generate maximum 'likes' are announced winners. Similarly, the Sales Contest App and Quiz App are being used to drive more sales and test product knowledge of the Sales Reps.

The Apps are helping Mondelez in driving engagement and productivity of its salesforce while increasing the market penetration for its newly launched product or product innovations across different markets. They are also allowing the company to gain consumer insights and drive essential KPIs. Gamification proved to be a mechanism that reduced stress while driving engagement.

Technical Excellence Achieved:

The applications saw close to 80% adoption across different countries for each roll-out and were able to mobilize close to 4000 executives in China, 1000+ in Philippines and 300+ in Latin America. They plan on further developing the apps to evaluate a host of business requirements around L&D and New Product Launches.