Software Development in Mumbai

Case Study


Software Development in Mumbai
Client Description

International Business Conference provides a platform to industry experts and decision-makers to exchange vision on issues that they can later implement for their future strategies. IBC delivers insightful, thoughtful and unbiased lectures, conferences & workshop, exhibitions and in-house training programs. IBC has some of the most innovative and informative speakers/leaders guiding and leading many corporates by providing professional training to elevate professional’s careers and help increase business.


Our task was to design a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that contained employee, conferences information and every detail about International Business Conference (IBC). IBC specialises in organising corporate events across various sectors, and developing a CRM platform that stored all the necessary information about the clients, conferences & their employees was imperative for an easy day-to-day business activities.


Our goal was to develop a CRM platform with a simple configuration that stored every important information about IBC’s employees and also every detail of conference held/conducted along with the nitty gritties of the conference and various other information such as, employee incentive, event revenue generation, invoice module, reporting data, everyday employee attendance records, etc.

Technical Excellence Achieved:
  • With the help of a CRM platform, it was possible for IBC to maintain a record of their employees performance.
  • The CRM platform has combined features to hold information of many activities apart from the day-to-day work.
  • The CRM platform now helps in generating revenue based on the events that were to be followed, which later simplified processes for IBC employees.
  • A clean and simple invoice module is also integrated in the CRM.
  • Reporting of every event, conferences, count of people who attended the conference along with the name of the company is now registered systematically in the CRM.
  • IBC can register their employees attendance in this CRM platform.
  • CRM platform’s access rights were given to multiple people in IBC, which made finding information easier.