Zoho One: One Business Suite to rule them all

As a business owner, you are sure to wear a lot of hats. Whether it is making decisions that affect your employees, tracking your expenses, or making changes to your sales pipeline, you are required to keep track of a plethora of parameters. Imagine being able to oversee all the aspects of your business from one central point. We understand your need to make the best of your time. 

Zoho One is a powerful operating system with 45+ applications that take care of all your business management woes. We firmly believe that customization is key. Have your pick from Zoho’s elegant line up of trailblazing products to create the toolkit of your dreams. Whether you are an upcoming start-up or a large company, Zoho One can be customized to perfectly suit your needs. We are committed to helping you revolutionize how you conduct your business, from start to the finish line. 

Read on to know what 50 million users around the world are raving about.

Declutter your workspace

Tired of shuffling between a whole jumble of apps to keep track of your business? Here is how upgrading Zoho One can replace the scattered network of applications on your desktop:

  • Manage all your data with a click of your mouse    
  • Customize your feed to suit your working style
  • Stay organized with reminders, priority task lists, and other compact features
  • Manage your team’s schedule and delegate tasks with ease
  • Enable seamless communication among your team members with a simple yet powerful application, Zoho Cliq 

Something for Everyone

Zoho One has transformed a diverse variety of businesses, right from budding start-ups to large multinational corporations. Our client base is full of happy customers and is only expanding by the day. Explore how we can add value to essentially each part of your organization:


Give a face-lift to your sales pipelines by opting for Zoho’s flagship product, Zoho CRM. Zoho’s advanced Customer Relationship Manager interface allows you to extract the maximum value from your leads. 

  • Make the best of your customer outreach programs with automated emails, mailing lists, etc
  • With the Blueprint technology embedded in Zoho CRM, you can easily delegate the right people to incoming leads
  • Track the real-time satisfaction of your clients throughout their customer lifetimes
  • Automate menial tasks like follow-up emails and reminders
  • Boost the overall consistency of your group by promoting the industry best practices
  • Make pipeline tracking a breeze with the help of our analysis tools.


Marketing your brand is essential for your business’ growth. However, it can be challenging to analyze how effective your marketing campaigns are. Zoho MarketingHub can make your job a lot easier. The marketing apps in Zoho One like Campaigns, Social, Survey, Sales IQ, and others will help you to:

  • Generate in-built reports on lead generation 
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Understand how visitors navigate through your website with the help of Web Assistant
  • Enhance brand awareness by sending targeted promotions to your leads
  • Improve customer retention 
  • Customize marketing budgets for your entire team and always stay on top of your expenses
  • Calculate the ROI of your marketing plans with ease


Opt for Zoho Books and see why it is an award-winner in many business accounting software categories:

  • Automate humdrum tasks like invoicing and use the extra time working on the next best thing
  • Take care of your GST woes on autopilot 
  • Maintain your inventory effortlessly
  • Stay on schedule with your financial reports


Zoho People is a game-changer when it comes to Human Resources management, especially when working. Zoho Products like Zoho Recruit, Zoho People will help you:

  • Maintain your organization’s productivity levels by oversees various aspects of HR parameters like attendance and time-tracking
  • Make the onboarding process a breeze for incoming employees


Revamp the way your team communicates with our sophisticated communication applications such as Zoho Cliq, Zoho Show, Zoho Connect, and Zoho Meeting. They can assist you in the following ways:  

  • Coordinate with your teammates effortlessly with Zoho Cliq. What’s more? Zoho Cliq can be seamlessly integrated with all the major Zoho apps.
  • Make your presentations memorable with Zoho Show
  • Make collaborations with your colleagues a breeze with Zoho Connect 
  • Set up webinars effortlessly with Zoho Meeting

Customer Support

Automating customer support can help your clients find fast solutions without compromising on human interaction. Zoho Desk helps you strike this delicate balance. With the help of Zoho Desk, you can:

  • Optimize your ticketing process by matching the complexity of the queries with the agent’s expertise
  • Do away with mundane manual tasks like changing the priorities of the tickets 
  • Keep up with Service Level Agreements effortlessly

Build your dream team

With such a dazzling array of products to choose from, you are sure to have the right tools to handle any challenge you may face while conducting your business. Personalize your toolkit according to your preferred working style


The crème de la crème of industry standards 

Zoho’s top-of-the-line products are the result of extensive industry research and development. All of their products meet the highest industry standards of compliance. They follow rigorous data protection protocols. Thus, you can be assured that your private information remains truly private.