How CRM system can take your Business to the next level?

In a digital age where businesses spring-up like mushrooms, interaction with customers is of utmost importance, as it projects the growth of any business. The customer relationship management or CRM helps in tracking all relevant information about prospects, develop leads and make operation processes of your business more efficient. It is a business system that helps to regulate sales performance and enhance productivity, by maximizing interaction with customers.

CRM is a system that is aimed at providing the best customer experience. It helps to compile data of all customers into an easy-to-access folder. This is a centralized system that improves a business’ functionality and effectiveness with respect to customer interaction. It forms a database for each and every customer and make them accessible to the business team. The basic goal of any business is to meet the needs of customer to satisfaction, for continuous patronization and profit acquisition. It doesn’t just stop there; it also helps your business internally. CRM is a system that help salespeople automate their sales activities and manager track their team’s performance. Isn’t that great?!

Question is, what gain is CRM going to fetch your business? Good question! The aim of CRM is to build and improve trusting relationship with existing customers, leveraging on already built customer base to get new ones, and also win back old customers in the process. It is a system useful to all scales of business, whether small or large.

Let’s explain how CRM can help you build a consistent and sustainable business growth.

Customer satisfaction and retention:
CRM helps to achieve this by improved understanding of the customer’s needs and issues. This makes for easy accessibility to information on any customer, which helps to provide suitable responses. If a customer is satisfied, the rest they say is history, because the customer would be glued to your platform.
Marketing optimization
A well satisfied customer will most definitely refer people to patronize a well satisfying business platform. This form of marketing is an effortless type, where your works speak for you. It has been verified by several business reviews that, a 5% increase in customer’s satisfaction rate can increase a business’ profit by over 25%, as a result of new customers that would be grafted in through the existing ones.
Improved customer interaction:
A business that operates using CRM will have an increased traffic of interaction with its customers. This will give rise to creative inputs and responses from customers. Working on these inputs will help in re-strategizing business approach, which drives sustainability.

All of these sounds nice but, it can be challenging selecting the right CRM system to use. This is where we introduce to you, ZOHO CRM platform! One of the most resourceful and easy-to-use CRM platforms with minimal learning requirements. It is linked with over 100 daily-used business applications and all social media platforms. It can be embedded in your website, for easy capture of leads, prospects and customer to your CRM. This makes it easy to capture leads. It comes with amazing features that helps to optimize marketing strategy, as you can conduct sales presentation and meetings from the CRM, and then convert attendees to leads. It doesn’t stop there, it helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaign.

It can be stressful filling business cards of customers, but with ZOHO, it can quickly scan business cards and convert them to leads on CRM. This helps to expand and graft leads and prospects into your CRM system easily. It gives real-time analytics, to aid you in making smarter business decisions and manage territorial sales performance. This comes with performance indicators, current trends and future predictions. On extrapolating, it automates mundane sales processes and empowers sales reps. To concentrate on creating and nurturing leads, closing deals and growing customer relationship. It distributes leads to the right reps. Zoho CRM allows for collaboration insight sharing among teams, this helps to keep everyone on the same page and fosters united front. Teams can quickly generate estimates and turn them into proposal and quotes, ensuring you do not miss out on converting quality leads. Reach customers across every channel, either through telephone, email, chat and social media. It measures customer interaction effectiveness, proffering best time and channel to reach out to customers. Interestingly, it has built-in easy to edit campaign formats and sample for easy customer follow up.

Rest assured that all of data are secured and protected. It does this by encrypting all sensitive data, granting access to only authorized IP addresses and monitoring all CRM activities with audit logs. More so, you can own and personalize the CRM system to your taste. Simplify data entry approach, and track every key information related to every record to solve every operational issues. Don’t you love the sound of that? In an age of digital intelligence, ZOHO CRM is fully equipped as it is AI powered. This helps to make task easier, as all data entry and analysis would be done quickly accurately and effortlessly.

This post must have sensitized you to begin or continue your experience with ZOHO CRM. Get your ducks in a row today by using ZOHO. Visit our website for more details.