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Case Study


Client Description

Alangoo is a platform where artesian & designers, from across the world, come together in one place to showcase their products to the customers for them to view and shop. Alangoo inspires talented designers and artesian to exhibit their Persian designs to the world and develop a buying interest.


Our goal was to develop a user-friendly, functional and a successful E-Commerce Market Place for Alangoo LLC. The website was designed in a way to spread the richness of Persian Culture and its unique handmade pieces to the western market.


The challenge was to design a beautiful E-commerce marketplace and create a portal that offers a seamless experience to designers and customers. While building online stores for designers to sell their products, our focus was also on making adjustments on commercials, products sold, etc.

Technical Excellence Achieved:

For the Designers

  • We created a feature where new designers could build an online store by registering themselves to the portal with their sample product.
  • The Alangoo team could review the designer’s registration and product, and reject OR approve the designer’s request based on their communication.
  • As the designers were from different parts of the world, they had the freedom to decide their shipping price with respect to their country and also frame their own terms & conditions for return policies.
  • The portal would reflect the sold items on the designer’s account and at the same time, let the buyer make multiple purchases from different designers.
  • The system would handle and display separate orders according to the purchase.

For the Buyers

  • The portal gives buyers the liberty to choose from multi-currency options and store multiple shipping addresses.
  • We have some exclusive features like Vacation Mode and Split Order for customers’ convenience.
  • Customers can view the designers’ collection on Alangoo’s Facebook Catalogue and also shop on Instagram by visiting Alangoo’s Instagram page.
  • Along with the product display on a dynamic catalogue, the website offers unique return policy and shipping prices varying from country to country.
  • The website also gives filter options to simplify customers’ search process – Gender, Occasion, Keyword Search.
  • Customers can express their satisfaction by reviewing the designers and rating them on the basis of their designs.